Dr. Julia Rösler

Objective of this Website

`The theatre leads to threatening theory’, one of Timberlake Wertenbaker’s characters in Our Country Good states, revealing an anxiety about the power of theatre to unsettle dominant modes of thought and perception. It is a promising statement for women playwrights. Dealing with questions of subjectivity and gender, women writing for the theatre use the performance space to shed a critical spotlight on the discourses which determine and limit women’s subject position.

The question of marginalization is also an issue for women working for the theatre. That women continue to be under-represented is widely acknowledged. Their dramatic work is still not adequately represented in the theatrical canon.

With this website, I would like to contribute to making a wider audience aware of the achievements of women writing for the theatre. On this site, I publish the main findings and key issues dealt with in my thesis ACTING THE PART - GENDER AND PERFORMANCE IN CONTEMPORARY PLAYS BY WOMEN . The thesis aims to fill the applicability gap  between critical theory and issues of subjectivity and gender in plays by women. Extracts of chapters and theories can be viewed on this website. If you are interested in any further information or chapters please contact me at mail@julia-roesler.de .

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